Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Bach, Philosophy

The remedies were developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath who believed that the key to our health was to care for the mind as well as for the body, to see the person as a whole. He spent his life exploring the use of flowers and plants for promoting harmonious state of mind, which then subsequently would manifest as perfect health in our physical bodies. 

It is accumulation of our fears and anxieties or modernly called stress, that open the path to the invasion of the illness into our body. Stress keeps our systems constantly in whats called “flight or fight“ condition where all the energy in our body is directed for “survival” and therefore the body's natural regenerative processes are compromised or simply shut down. 

Above clearly explains that the physical illness has its roots in our emotional imbalances. When we start looking into finding and clearing those imbalances and the reasons for them to occur, we will in turn experience significant positive changes in our physical condition.

Bach Flower Remedy system is a gentle but powerful tool to help us on this path to our overall well being by restoring our emotional balance and bringing us into the state of harmony.

Dr Bach built a system of 38 natural remedies, each one derived from a different wild flower, plant or tree, and each corresponding to a different emotional state. 


Dr Bach categorized the remedies in seven groupings as presented here-below - the classical names complemented with suitable affirmations:



Fear -  I am fearless and brave!

Loneliness  -  I choose from a place of wholeness!

Uncertainty  -  I believe in my ability to figure things out!!

Despondency and despair   -  I breathe easily, my heart is light!

Oversensitivity to influences and ideas  -  I trust in my inner wisdom!

Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances  -  I feel the power of now! 

Over-care for the welfare of others   -  I allow unconditional love to flow freely!






























Bach Flower remedies are the vibrations that enable us to experience, how as the busy mind quietens, the energy resources will be redirected to noticing the surroundings in a new neutral way. 

Remedies facilitate the release of what we can feel as parts no longer in tune with us, give to us an ability to notice that we do have a choice in a situation. 


Taking the remedies replenishes the feeling of wholeness, similarly like a walk in nature, being it a seaside or a forest path.

Bach Flowers help us to tune into our vibrations, cultivating ability of being in charge and having power over life – much like having an unbiased friend to consult with at any given time...




The Process, Consultation, Healing


The first consultation will take about 1,5 hours and any following about an hour. The session can be easily arranged via Whats Up or Zoom call.


A typical appointment will include a brief introduction of Bach flower remedy system, guidance on how to take the remedies and discussion between client and practitioner for pinpointing the remedies needed at this time. During conclusion the remedy selection will be verified with client for their comments and agreement.

Regardless if you feel bothered by a physical symptom or the unrest is coming from certain feelings you are experiencing due to your current life circumstances, the consultation will provide an opportunity for you to discuss the areas that you want to address in a supportive, non-judgmental and safe environment.

As Bach Flower remedy system is designed for self-help, one of its core statements is simplicity. Practitioners role here really is one of an educator and facilitator - aiming to assist clients with their possible blind spots, directing, supporting and always encouraging clients to learn and understand the remedies by ultimately participating in their own healing.

By the end of every consultation you will have a fresh personal remedy mix on hand. The 30 ml remedy mix bottle will last for about 3 weeks, until your next appointment. 

You will follow the Personal Mixing Bottlemethod (described more closely down-below) for your remedy intake.

The process of healing is gentle, simple and usually not dramatic. Its often compared with “peeling of the onion”. Layer by layer the surfacing emotions, old or new, will be addressed in the exact order client is ready to face them and let go of. 

The flower remedies are pure, harmonious energy frequencies that will never have side effects. However, what may happen in some cases is a response known as “aggravation”, similar to that known in homeopathy, when symptoms are temporarily intensified. It simply signifies that something well buried has surfaced and is now ready to be released.


As emphasized by Dr Bach - the system is simple and can easily be used as self-help tool. Don't shy away and make use of the recources available to improve your life quality. You may start with sessions with certified Practitioners to get an proper intro and immediate spot on assistance for your most burning issues. However ultimately you can at one point bring your relationship with Bach Flowers on to a new level - Heal Thyself!

Mixing and Taking Remedies

You can take Bach remedies in several ways:

Personal Mixing Bottle method – for longer term issues, for “peeling the onion” process.

Add to the 30 ml dropper bottle 2 drops from each selected remedy, up to 7 different remedies per bottle and fill with good quality mineral water. From this bottle take 4 drops 4 times a day as minimum by adding them to a glass of water or tea or alternatively you can also take remedies directly on the tongue. Be careful with the lastly mentioned method, as there is a risk of contamination.

Just keep in mind, that taking more drops in one go does not strengthen the effect, however if you feel the need you may increase the frequency of taking the remedies.


The “Mood dosage”- for short term moods and issues, keep the remedy-set at hands reach in your home and help yourself and others!

Add 2 drops from individual remedy bottle to a glass of water or tea or alternatively you can also take remedies directly on the tongue. Be careful with the lastly mentioned method, as there is a risk of contamination.