Energy Medicine for your Pet

Similarly to us humans, our animal friends are as well absorbing energies from their surroundings and are deeply affected by everyday stresses and emotional currents around them. Those stresses may accumulate and knock their delicate systems out of balance, resulting in sometimes unexplainable behaviors, character changes and finally - physical diseases.

In nature animals themselves instinctively seek out healing from plants, water, sunlight - through domestication cats and dogs are often deprived of such free contact with nature, hence their self-healing capacities are affected.


Different Energy medicine practices are the perfect vehicles to help us in our quest to assist our pet to rebalance again and to stay in the emotional and physical wellbeing zone. Animals have not lost the touch with the language of energy, they don't doubt and question, so they are very responsive and rewarding patients to have - they pick up good vibes quickly and heal well and fast.

Personal Energy Clearing, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki, Theta Healing to name few - often work wonders with even the most seriously traumatized animals.

We could as well just observe our furry friends a bit more closely, listen to them, feel them and when noticing any changes which cannot be lifted with few cuddles or any other means you as a pet parent have in your magic sleeve - it might be you need some different approach this time. Be open to trying! Don't wait for the situation to escalate - consider offering your pet some of the similar treats you occasionally allow for yourself - visit Spa, massage session - it lifts our whole being sometimes to the previously unknown heights. Reiki has been alternatively called "Soul massage", people refer to Personal Energy Clearing as "accelerated meditation" - here is what you can offer to your animal friend for relaxation!

There are many situations in our daily human-pet lives which inevitably cause small dramas or traumas and we would like to ease them whenever we can. 

Often animals don't feel safe in the world even when raised and cared for by loving people. Many animals are deeply traumatized by medical tests and procedures performed on them with the best of intentions. Those procedures are often really unavoidable. For many pets, the visit to the groomer is not a pleasure - again, mostly at one point we just have to go ahead with it...

Humans leaving for a vacation, children moving out to start their life journey.....

With already above-mentioned healing therapies we can smoothen those experiences and find out how to lessen the uncomfortability in a preventive manner or to seek to place an end to a trauma already occurred.