Reiki is one of the most popular Energy Healing systems in the world, often described as a method for relaxation and stress reduction. The Japanese word Reiki may be translated as the "Universal Energy" or "Universal Life Energy".

Reiki system aims to bring back the balance in a person as a whole.

One might have a physical problem, emotional imbalance, a busy mind or the sense of lack of connection to life - through drawing varied aspects of us together, removing blockages, guiding our different systems to collaborate once again, the flow of energy will be reestablished and thus, the way for healing has been paved.

Why to try Reiki?

... reduces stress and anxiety

... brings about deep relaxation

... releases emotional wounds

... helps change negative conditioning and behaviour

... leaves you feeling peaceful and calm

... helps to balance mood swings

... detoxifies the body and improves health

... gradually clears up chronic problems

... accelerates natural healing of wounds

... dissolves energy blockages 

... increases your energy levels and vitality

... improves concentration and mental clarity

... awakens your self love and love for your body

Reiki Session

A Reiki treatment may be experienced in numerous ways.

One of the options is a one-hour treatment,  where the client lies in comfortable clothing on a Reiki table with soft music on a background and lights dimmed low. Such an environment will help a client to be able to let go of their busy mind, any tensions in the body and will easily slide into relaxation, which in its essence is already a state of healing. The practitioner will use hands - slightly resting on the client's body or just above the body - to offer the energy to support the client's healing process. Different hand positions will be held as per practitioner's intuitive senses and therefore there is no two alike treatments one can experience or describe. 

Reiki can be received in a sitting position, as this may be an only option or simply more comfortable for some people.

Reiki, like other Energy healing theraphies, is also available via distant healing sessions. Just agree the time for a Reiki session and practitioner will proceed to connect to your energies and channel the healing energy to you wherever you are.

Here you just need about 30 minutes or 1 hour of ideally, undisturbed relaxing time in a comfortable position, away from(head)phones and computers. The environmental scenery here is up to you to create, being busy you may just retreat for a while to an empty conference room at work or actually, not stop doing what you are doing... Reiki will still reach you and heal. 

You may just want to remember what we mentioned earlier - the state of relaxation on its own is already a state of healing ;)

After a Reiki session

... drink lots of water to continue the clearing that was initiated by Reiki, flush out the toxins 

... take it easy for a while when possible - you may feel the need for a nap or on opposite a surge of energy - just stay with it, either way, is the right way

... notice your feelings, your thoughts - session may result in some stirring up emotions


... as responsible Reiki practitioners, we will also advise you about one more possible "side effect" after your Reiki treatment. It is often that people will get such an amazing experience from even one or two sessions, that they feel a very strong desire to learn Reiki for themselves. This is a very healthy "side effect" indeed, the best one that can occur.

Reiki is simple to learn and if one would like to continue discovering, beyond the simplicity of its method lies enormous depth....

In its nature, Reiki is a self-healing tool and this can never be emphasized too much - we and only we are responsible for our own healthy lives.

Animal Reiki

Although Reiki traditionally has been used for humans, it has many qualities that make it an ideal complementary therapy for animals. It is gentle, non-invasive and it heals on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, thus allowing us to address a wide array of issues.

Reiki is safe and comfortable and your pet has always a say in the treatment - they are free to show us how exactly they like to receive the offered healing.


Reiki treatments for animals are usually best given from a short distance. The practitioner would just settle comfortably and start Reiki flow, whereas ideally, animal is in the same room, free to roam around and find the best suitable position for themselves. The practitioner will adapt the treatment depending on the needs of the specific animal and the signs they are showing. Hands placement may be used in case the animal approaches and is clearly asking for it. Otherwise, the treatment works just as well from any distance.

Emphasis should be placed on the availability of fresh water during and after the treatment, as there may be increased consumption.