Meet The Founders



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Hi, I'm Riina, Bach Flower Essences, Reiki and Personal Energy Clearing practitioner.

Over the years I have studied and practiced many different Healing arts - Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki, Theta Healing, The Art of Concious Change, Personal Energy Clearing etc

Each modality has been an important piece in my self-healing puzzle.

These practices have moved me so much towards my better self, so naturally I have shared those amazing tools with others as I would like to share them with you.

I'm here for you with clear knowing from my heart that by taking my sessions you are already well on your way paved with positive changes! 

You have chosen to open the door...



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I have always felt that my life has a certain feel of seamless flow to it. But even within this flow I have still felt myself overwhelmed, lost and restless at times, questions popping up in my mind "Who is running this show?", "Who am I?"


At a "right" time in life my interest was directed towards variety of Energy Medicine techniques and I dived right in, one method after another...


Through years of regular practicing, I have established mutual understanding with the energy out there and inside of me, have gained better understanding and skills in how to run the show by flow and appreciate my own role and power in it.


Along with new experiences and skills came the calling to be the vehicle through which the healing clarity may reach the others.

​I currently share this passion via Reiki and Personal Energy Clearing sessions here at MindYou.  


Ella & Sumi

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These are two sisters in crime, known  advocates of the "Let Animals Lead" method of Reiki-practice, as well as spark and inspiration behind the change that has lead to the creation of this healing space.

Animals know often much earlier when the change is in the air for their humans and they tend to find ways to facilitate and make sure the shift would really take place...

Ella & Sumi are true lovers of Energy Healing - they are always around when their humans are receiving or sending Reiki and have learned to make themselves noticable when in need for a treatment session of their own. 

All pets are guides for their humans - how ever small in size their hearts are real big :)